To clean behind Kicker, see above video or follow the below instructions.

The Kicker is the plastic arm that moves each roti from the back pan to the front. For your safety, cleaning the Kicker should only be done when pans are completely cooled. The Rotimatic™ is designed to display an error message if the pans are not sufficiently cooled. Caution: Avoid coming into contact with hot pans. The best time to clean the kicker is when you first switch on the Rotimatic™.

  1. Ensure the machine is on. Tap Power button.
  2. On the front display, tap the button below Cleaning to enter the cleaning mode.
  3. Select Kicker. If pans are hot, Rotimatic™ will prompt to wait for the pans to cool down before cleaning. If pans are cool enough, the Kicker will automatically move to the front.
  4. Ensure that the pans are cool. Remove the Kicker by pulling the kicker tab to the right. Pull the Kicker out from one side.
  5. Use the Magic Stick to clean the front pan, back pan, top pan and bottom pan.
  6. Wash Kicker and let dry.
  7. Once the Kicker is dry, place it on the pan. Hold the Kicker on the left. Push it inwards until you hear a soft clicking sound.
  8. On front display, select Kicker. The kicker will automatically move back.
  9. Select Back to return to the roti setting screen.

For any issues, contact chat support via the Rotimatic™ mobile application. 

Blank Screen

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