1. Open the side door.

Hold the dough cup handle, rotate to the left and out of locked position.

2. Gently slide the dough cup out of the slot.

Use the Magic Brush to clear any residue around the kneading section and on the Sweeper.

3. Press the 2 tabs at the top of the stirrer. Push the stirrer inwards to remove it from the dough cup.

4. Pull the dough tray towards you to remove it.

5. Squeeze the black rubber band and pull it out from the dough tray to clean.

6. To insert the dough tray, slide it into its slot on the VT (Vertical Tray - the plastic part at the base of the kneading section).

7. Insert the stirrer into the dough cup by pushing it in until you hear a clicking sound.

8. Hold the dough cup handle, with its tips facing up. Slide the dough cup in the slot fully using the guiding taps on top.

9. Gently lift the dough cup upwards while rotating it to the right into locked position.

Close the side door.


Do not forget to re-install the black o-ring around the dough tray to prevent any leaks during roti making.


Hand wash all parts with mild detergent or use upper basket in dishwasher. Wipe each part
and let dry before inserting them inside Rotimatic.

The Rotimatic should be powered off for at least 25 mins to cool down after use before starting the cleaning process to prevent burn injury.

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