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  1. Open the side door.
  2. Remove the Dough Cup and Dough Tray.
  3. Check if the Stirrer is securely inserted in the Dough Cup. 
  4. Slide the Dough Cup in the slot fully using guiding tabs on top.
  5. Gently lift the Dough Cup upwards while rotating it to the right into a locked position.
  6. Check if the black O-ring (black rubber band) fits nicely around the Dough Tray, without any residue. 
  7. Slide the Dough Cup into its slot.
  8. On front display, tap Ok.

For more details, see video.


If the problem persists, contact chat support via the Rotimatic mobile application.

 Why this happens

  • Stirrer missing from the Dough Cup.
  • O-ring missing from the Dough Tray.
  • Dough Cup and Dough Tray not properly inserted.

 How to avoid

  • Do not misplace any part during cleaning.
  • Ensure to reinstall the Stirrer back into the Dough Cup, and the O-ring back to the Dough Tray after washing.
  • Ensure Dough Cup and Dough Tray are properly inserted.

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