Go to VT cleaning mode to check for kneader misalignment

  •  From the main rotimaking screen, tap the Power button.
  • Tap the button below "Cleaning" to go to cleaning mode.
  • Tap VT (vertical tray) to move the dough tray up to the dough cup.
  • Check if the tray (and the the black rubber band) snugly fits inside the dough cup, as shown in the image below.




  • Allow the heating pans to cool for at least 25 minutes after powering off your Rotimatic, before cleaning to prevent risk of burn injury. 
  • Only use the Magic Stick to clean pans to prevent damaging the pans.


In case of misalignment, 

  • Tap VT again to move the dough tray down.
  • Tap the Power button to exit the Cleaning mode.
  • Remove and reinsert the dough tray and dough cup properly to proceed. 

 Why did this happen?

This problem arises out of improper placement of of the parts. Ensure that all the detachable parts are attached in perfect alignment before operating the machine.

Blank Screen

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