To clean the Rotimatic™, see videos. 



  • Do not clean the Rotimatic™ before it has turned off and cooled down.


  1. After each use, clean the kneading parts, front door, the pans and the container slots to ensure optimal performance and food safety. 
  2. It is not necessary to clean the ingredient containers after every use. In low to medium humidity environment, store the ingredients in the Rotimatic™ for next use. In a high humidity  environment, store the filled flour container in the fridge to avoid flour spoilage. Clean the flour tunnel to avoid leaving any traces of flour in the machine.
  3. Only use the Magic Stick and Magic Brush to clean the Rotimatic™.
  4. Do not clean any Rotimatic™ parts with metal scouring pads, scouring powders, steel wool pads or any other abrasive materials.
  5. Do not immerse the machine in water or other liquids.
  6. Ensure all parts are dry before installing them in the Rotimatic™.
  7. Do not spill water or any liquid into the flour container or flour slot during cleaning, filling or removing the ingredient containers.
  8. Do not spill flour into the water or oil slot during cleaning, filling up or removing ingredient containers.

For any issues, contact chat support via the Rotimatic™ mobile application. 

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