1. Keep your machine 4 inches away from walls and cabinets.

  2. Ensure the roti door is out of reach for small children and pets.

  3. Check your machine’s voltage specifics match your wall socket setting before plugging in your machine.

  4. Unplug your machine from the wall socket if you will not be using the machine for more than 24hrs.

  5. Clean the kneader container, mixing blade and kneader base after each use to avoid hardened dough residue.

  6. Wipe your machine exterior with a damp cloth, wash the ingredient containers and sweep the pans with your magic stick weekly to ensure great rotis at each run.

  7. Refresh the water in your water container daily, just like you would your water bottle.

  8. Store your flour in a cool, dry place to avoid water absorption.

  9. If you are refilling all containers at once, be careful to keep water out of the flour slot to avoid clogging.

  10. Always handle fresh rotis with care as they are hot and may cause burns.

  11. Please unplug your machine when powered off to avoid the beeping sound signaling the machine is ready for use.

  12. Share great recipes you’ve made on our Rotimatic Facebook page.

  13. Get in touch with us on live chat via your Community Page whenever you have questions, concerns or ideas.

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